BMS Policies and Expectations

The following is a list of policies that are followed by every athletic team at Brogden Middle School. 
  1. A student must pass four (4) subjects (out of 6) with a 77 or higher the pervious semester to be eligible to participate in athletics.
  2. A student must be in attendance 85 percent of the previous semester to be eligible to participate in athletics.
  3. A player must be in assigned classes one-half of the day (11:30 p.m.) to be eligible to play or to practice that day.
  4. Players will show respect for all coaches, teachers, and administrators at all times.
  5. There will be no profanity.
  6. Drinking/possession on alcoholic beverages or taking/possession of illegal drugs are not permitted. (Refer to the Alcohol/Drug Policy)
  1. No tobacco products allowed.  This includes smoking, dipping, chewing, etc. Anyone caught will be disciplined by his or her coach.  Continued use will be grounds for dismissal from the team.
  1. Potential player assigned to ISS or OSS cannot try out for a team during their suspension.  Any player assigned to ISS will be suspended from the game and practice during the suspension. Any player assigned OSS will be suspended from the team (per Mr. Townsend). Disciplinary action may be taken upon return to the team.
  1. Any action that a coach, athletic director or administrator considers detrimental to the team or Brogden Middle School could result in suspension from the team.
  1. Progress reports may be sent out by each coach during the season to check academic progress.
  1. Players will ride the bus to and from games unless riding back with parents. Parents should inform the coach if their son/daughter will be riding back with them.  Players will not be allowed to ride with anyone else.
  1. Any type of hazing, initiation type, or physical actions that one student does to another will not be tolerated.  For any violation of such practices, the team member or members may be dismissed from the team.

 These are policies that the athletic department at Brogden Middle School has adopted.  However, each coach may have additional rules that the student/athlete must follow.


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