BMS Athletic Contract and Expectations

Dear parents and student athletes of Brogden Middle School,

By reading and signing this paper, the student and the parent agree to abide by the set rules of the BMS athletic department for after school sports. This contract is a binding agreement between the BMS athlete, the parents, and Brogden Middle School and will be used to determine and retain the athletic eligibility of the student athlete for each sports season throughout the school year. The following rules will apply to all BMS student athletes. If said rules are not followed by the parent and/or the student athlete, the possibility of dismissal from the current (and future sports events for the school year) may ensue. The principal and the athletic director have the final say in all athletic participation at Brogden Middle School.


General Athletic Eligibility Rules (Set by Wayne County Public Schools)

1.      AGE-The student must not have turned 15 years of age on or before August 31st of that school year. (Legal proof required)

2.      PHYSICALS-A current physical is required for participation in any school sport. (It must be filled out entirely or the student athlete will be deemed ineligible) Physicals are available at our WISH center by appointment.

3.      ATTENDANCE-The student athlete must be in attendance 85% of the previous semester. This means that the student athlete cannot miss more than 13 days in one semester. The athletic department uses previous semester absences to determine athletic eligibility for the first semester sports.

4.      ACADEMICS-In 7th and 8th grade, the student athlete must pass 3 out of 4 core area classes to be eligible for sports participation. (Core area subjects are Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) If the student athlete fails 2 out of 4 core courses, then he or she is ineligible to play any sports during that semester. Example: If the student fails two core courses in the second semester of the previous year, then he or she will be ineligible to play any sports during the entire first semester of the new school year (No Exceptions).


BMS Athletic Rules

1.      COMPETING IN A SPORT-The student athlete is required to complete the entire sports season that he or she has signed up for. If the student athlete quits before the season is over (unless an injury occurs, academic progress falls, or parent request) then he or she will be ineligible to play any sports for Brogden Middle School the rest of the remaining school year. If the student athlete quits a sport at the end of the season at the end of the school year, (seventh grade) then that student will be ineligible for the following year sports. If the student athlete is in the eighth grade and quits a sport at the end of the season at the end of the school year, then it will be reported to all high school athletic directors. Any student athlete, who quits a sport before the season is over, will be ineligible to attend any home or away games for that sport. This is due to issues arising in previous years.

2.      PRACTICE-The student athlete is required to attend every practice. Practice is an essential part of playing in a sport and gives the student athlete the skills he or she needs to be successful and master the basics of the game at hand. If a student athlete skips a practice, then he or she looses out on what was learned and or drills practiced, which makes that student an inefficient player the day of the game(s). If a student athlete misses a practice, a parent note is required to explain why the student athlete missed a practice. If it is found that the absence is inexcusable, then the student athlete will be required to set out a minimum of two games. A student athlete who misses more than two practices (unexcused) will be removed from the team and subsequently be deemed ineligible for the rest of the sports year. Our coaches put in a lot of extra time after school hours to help the student athlete in the sport that he or she is participating in. This is why it is very important to make sure his or her ride home is here at the specified time after each practice/game. While it’s hard to determine when to show up to pick up your child after a home or away game, it's important to make sure you or someone who is authorized to pick up your child is available to pick them up in a timely manor. The student athlete and our coaches should not have to wait more than fifteen minutes after returning from or completing a home game for his or her ride to show up. Most student athletes have a cell phone or have access to a cell phone right after or on the way back from a game to inform you that they are on their way back to the school or that the game is over. Pleas be prompt when picking up your child as our coaches are not Permitted to take any student athlete home after any game or practice.

3.      ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOR- It is important and essential that the student athlete have a positive attitude and good behavior during the whole sports season and in the classroom. Attitude/behavior can help or hurt the entire team and can make the sport being played an uplifting and rewarding experience. A student athlete with a poor attitude/behavior can cause unnecessary problems during practice and games (both home and away) which can lead to resentment from other players due to the fact that the student is representing the whole team. A poor attitude/behavior spreads like a virus, if one student has it, it will soon spread to the others and before you know it, the whole team is infected. A poor attitude/behavior will not be tolerated by any one at any time. A student athlete who shows a poor attitude/behavior towards their coaches and or teammates will have the following implications: On the first offense, the student athlete will be required to sit out a minimum of two practices and two games (the student athlete is still required to attend those two practices). On the second offense, the student athlete will be removed from the team and will be ineligible to participate in future sporting events for that school year. This includes but is not limited to: using profanity, talking down to others, berating team members, being disrespectful to team members, coaches, or other teams, fights, abuse of the equipment, and disrespect to spectators.

4.      SUPPORT-The coaches that are assigned to each sport are there to help the student athlete develop the skills needed to do well and be successful in the sport being played. Many times the student athletes bring with them some knowledge of the sport they are playing. Some student athletes bring more than others but even though a student athlete may know about the game and have played the game many times, he or she may not know the finer details of the game (I.E. The different plays in basketball or how to steel a base in baseball), this is what the coaches are there for. The student athlete needs to listen and pay attention to their coach(s). A student athlete who fails to pay attention or become argumentative with his or her coach will have the same consequences as listed in the attitude section of this contract.

5.      EQUIPMENT HANDLING- The equipment that BMS has for its sports department is in new or near new condition and needs to be taken care of so that future athletes will be able to use good equipment. The equipment used for each sport is specifically designed for that sport and needs to be used accordingly. The sports equipment needs to be used in the way it was designed, for instance, a baseball bat is designed to hit baseballs, not rocks or other objects. Equipment is expected to be picked up and put away in its proper location after each game. Under no circumstances is the equipment (helmets, bats, soccer balls, etc) to go home with the student athlete, it must be turned in after every game (No Exceptions). It is at the coach’s discretion to allow uniforms to go home the student athlete. If the coach allows the uniforms to go home with the student athlete, then it must be signed out to that athlete and it is the athlete’s responsibility to return the uniform in the same condition it was signed out to them (taking into consideration normal wear and tear). If the uniform is misplaced or lost, it is the responsibility of the student athlete to pay for the cost of a replacement uniform. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to be prepared for each and every game. This means the student athlete needs to bring the required personal equipment for that sport (cleats, socks, hat, etc).

Our administrators, coaches, and staff members at Brogden Middle School want your child to be the best student athlete possible. We are here to help your child be successful in any and all sports that he or she participates in. Middle school is a time for growth, exploration, and learning in the area of sports. Middle school sports help to prepare the student athlete for participation in the sports program at the high school level. The middle school sports program helps to teach the student athlete discipline, respect, camaraderie, and most of all perseverance for the athletic programs at the middle and high school level are very demanding and require a lot of hard work and practice. Above all else, Brogden Middle School takes athletic safety for our student athletes and coaches very serious which is why we have developed an athletic contract so that both students and parents alike are informed as to what the administration, staff, and coaches expect from each and every student athlete at Brogden Middle School.


By signing below, you (the parent, student, and coach) have been informed this day of __________________, 2014 of the general eligibility rules set fourth by Wayne County Public Schools and the athletic rules set fourth by Brogden Middle School. Brogden Middle School reserves the right to modify and or change this contract if the need arises.


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