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          Welcome to Mrs. Carbonera's 5th Grade Math and Science Class
 Can you estimate the mass and the volume of this apple?

      I am delightedto welcome your child to the 6th grade!  It is mygoal that your child’s 6th grade experience will be filled with personal growth as anindependent thinker and learner. Sixth grade is a year full of transitionsand changes. It is my job to guide your child through these changes and toensure success along the way.

      Establishing good classroom discipline is essential to eachchild’s success, confidence and well-being.  Every child should feel safeand secure in their classroom, free from all threats of physical or emotionalharm. In addition, it is important that each child learns to developself-discipline and excellent work habits, to resolve conflicts peacefully andto think independently.  For these reasons the sixth grade team hasdeveloped classroom rules/procedures to ensure your child’s success.  

Pleaseread and discuss these rules/procedures with your child.


Classroom rules/procedures:

Brogden Middle School will use Comer's Stand and Deliver Model school wide .

1. Be prepared.
2. Stay in seat and be quiet.
3. No food,gum,candy,drink.
4. Keep hands,feet,objects,comments to yourself.
5. Follow directions the first time they are given. 

 Rewards:                                                                  Consequences

 Positive praises.                                                                                                                Verbal warning
Monthly treasure box                                                                                                  Teacher- Student/parent conference
Participate in PBIS celebration                                                                            Office Referrals (ISS/OSS)
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