Lessons and Homework for the Week

EOG test preparation

For the week of May 18- May 22, 2015, we will be reviewing and doing practice mathematical and real-world problems on the following topics:
  •  Division of Fractions
  • Four Fundamental Operations on Multi-digit Decimals
  • Finding the GCF and the LCM
  • Comparing and Ordering Integers
  • Plotting Points in the Coordinate Plane, Solving Geometrical Problems Using the Coordinate Plane
  • Writing and Evaluating Numerical/Algebraic Expressions (Given the specific value of the variables)
  • Identifying/ Writing an inequality to represent a condition in a real-world or mathematical problems
  • Finding the Area of Triangles and Special Quadrilateral and Polygons
  • Finding the Volume of Right Rectangular Prisms
  • Solving for the Surface Area Using Nets to Represent Three - Dimensional Figures
  • Solving  Mathematical and Real - World Problems on Histograms,Box Plots and Dot Plots
Note to Parents:
  • Students were given the packet of the math released test items after the mock EOG and after I have reviewed them with those items. I also have provided them the key answers. Please spare some of your time to review them. Expect also that your child will be given more homework to take home during this week to sharpen their skills.
  • On Friday,May 22nd, your child will be given a take-home assessment based on the above topics to be submitted to me on Tuesday, May 26 to be graded. The grade will count as a test grade.
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