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PROBLEM OF THE DAY( Use the strategy that you think is the best for you )


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One serving of John’s crackers has 120 calories and a mass of 20 grams. How many calories are in 8 grams?







The ratio of nitrogen to potassium in a sample of soil is 15: 10. The sample has 45 units of nitrogen. How much potassium does the sample have?








To clean a tank, 2/3 cup of disinfectant is needed for every 3 gallons of water. How many cups of disinfectant are needed for 30 gallons of water?







Jane is taking two types of medicine

  • She takes one medicine every 4 hours.
  • She takes the other medicine every 12 hours.
  • She takes both medicines at 7:00 am.

At what time will Jane take both medicines together again?






Dina can use the equation m= 5n to calculate her pay, where m represents the amount of pay,and n represents the number of hours worked. How many hours did Dina work if she was paid $ 42.50?


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