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7th Grade Social Studies

Failure is not an Option

Brogen Middle School is meeting the challenges 7th graders who desire to obtain higher standards either academically, socially, and/or behaviorally, in a traditional classroom setting. These students will be in a structured classroom with parental involvement designed to provide rigor and relevant instruction using Marzano's High Yield Teaching Strategies, IDMP via Teachscape. Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as the frameworks for implementation of this approach of meeting the educational needs of our students. Research shows that whenever students are placed within a structured classroom, with someone they can relate to, their overall assessment scores increase dramatically.

Vision Statement: The youth of America has to be taught life skills because they are not born with them. If we dedicate ourselves to inspiring students to be more than ever imagined, then we can build social and emotional bonds that can last a lifetime.

Mission Statement: This year in the 7th grade we are going to address the challenges, misconceptions and pressures faced by today’s youth who are aspiring to achieve higher educational values. It will also offer educational leadership opportunities for the rural population of outstanding young people from Warsaw, whose classes will provide them with unmatched enrichment opportunities in a distinguished academic environment.

Instructional Model:

Teachscape via Instructional Decision Making and Planning (IDMP)

Research shows that teacher quality is a significant influence on student achievement. Lesson Plans will use address the four essential questions listed beyond to provide instructional pathways for the teacher and students’ learning.

1. What do I want students to learn?

2. How will I/they know they have learned it?

3. How will you (teacher) help students learn it?

4. How will they (students) practice, apply, and extend what they have learned?

Assessments of students’ academic growth throughout the school year:
Weekly tests, projects, Socratic seminars and homework

Formal assessments of students work

Celebrations and Rewards:

  • Monthly recognition assembly – parental participation
  • Educational field trips – involving support from BMS stakeholders.
  • Recognition of non-referrals to the administration.
    Recognition of students’ achievement on BCS’s 9 week’s benchmark growth in reading, math and science.



Each student will be evaluated according to the Wayne County’s Grading Policy. A student’s grade will be determined by tests, quizzes, Cornell Notes, class work, and benchmark test.  The purpose of reinforced daily practice is two-fold: to reinforce what your child learns in class, and to teach responsibility. Research shows a child who completes his/her reinforced daily practice in class has the opportunity to hear explanations of what he (or she) has had trouble with and has the teacher available to answer any questions.



Basic Common Core Curriculum Outline



  SOCIAL STUDIES:  Scope and Sequence                       2014-2015

Topics listed are the priority for each quarter. Supporting standards for each of the five strands of the NC Essential Standards should be woven together each quarter in an integrated study that helps students understand the ancient world (Grade 6), the current world (Grade 7), and our state and nation (Grade 8). The five strands are: H-History; G-Geography & Environmental Literacy; E-Economics and Financial Literacy; CG-Civics and Governance; C-Culture.







**Lesson plans will include Common Core ELA Reading & Writing Anchor Standards and Math Practices as well as Technology Standards.













 Revolutions  (French, American,

Interwar Years



Age of Exploration

 Scientific, Latin America, Industrial)

World War II

Post-War & Cold War


Nations & Empires

World War I

(Great Depression, Russian

Modern Issues  



 Revolution, Communism)

(Terrorism, Middle East)


Constitution Day (September)




**Lesson plans will include Common Core ELA Reading & Writing Anchor Standards and Math Practices as well as Technology Standards.



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