"Making Proud Choices" Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian:


The goal of our Comprehensive Health Education Program is for young people to have the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices now and in the future. In accordance with the “Healthy Youth Act” and Wayne County Board of Education Policy No.3540 – Comprehensive Health Education Program, students have the opportunity to learn about the prevention of serious health risks for adolescents. These risks include poor nutrition, violence prevention, drug/alcohol/tobacco use, lack of fitness, unintended pregnancy, and diseases in both Health/Physical Education classes or in Science classes.  In addition, all Wayne County Public Schools students in grades seven through nine are to be given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive sex education program to include sexual abstinence until marriage, avoidance of unintended pregnancy, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, otherwise known as “STDs”. Included in this curriculum are lessons on healthy relationships and the prevention and reporting of sexual assault and abuse. Also taught are the topics of healthy dating relationships and avoiding sexual pressure.

Based on the mandates of our local policy, parents are afforded the opportunity of reviewing program objectives and instructional materials.  This may be accomplished by contacting the media coordinator at school to schedule a mutually agreeable time for this review if you are interested in doing so. Our school telephone number is (919) 705-6010 and the review period is limited to


 March 1st-March 28th, 2014


The administration and faculty of Wayne County Schools recognize parents as the most important sources of information about family life and sexuality, however, also understand that schools have a role in promoting healthy behavior as well. A recent statewide poll indicates a high level of parental support for NC students to learn about these issues in public schools. [See parent survey atwww.nchealthyschools.org] If you prefer your child not receive this information, you have the right to request to the school principal that your child “opt out” of the program. To do so, simply send a letter stating your wishes to your child’s Healthful Living teacher no later than March 28th, 2014. Your child will be given an alternative assignment during those class periods. You are encouraged, if you have any questions about the NC Standard Course of Study, to contact your child’s teacher.






Sylvester Townsend


Brogden Middle School

Last Modified on January 16, 2015

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