Health & PE Syllabus (2016-2017)


Health and Physical Education

The purpose of this letter is to familiarize you with the policies and grading practices of the Physical Education (PE) Department at Brogden Middle School.  PE is a vital part of our students’ total curriculum, and as such, participation is a must in order for your child to realize the positive benefits of physical education.  Following are the rules and regulations governing physical education.

1.        NO STUDENT will be allowed to participate in PE, unless they are wearing proper gym clothing (shorts, sweatpants, T-shirt, and sneakers).  It is the student’s responsibility to see that he/she is in proper attire and prepared for PE class.  Gym clothes left at home or lost/stolen, does not excuse your child from PE class


2.  The general rule for dressing out is if your child is well enough to be in school, then they are well enough to dress out for PE.  If a student has a physical disability, 3 days or more, where they are unable to dress out, exercise and or participate in PE, then a doctor’s note is required explaining the disability, length of time excused and limitations if he/she is able to participate on a  limited basis.  Students may also be excused from strenuous activities that particular day, with a parent’s note.  Up to 2 notes per marking period is allowed, explaining the minor illness or injury.

If your child has a documented medical condition or disability (i.e. asthma, diabetes, heart or orthopedic problems) that may limit their participation in PE, PLEASE fill out the form on the back, return it immediately, so we can have it on file.

3.        Your child’s overall PE grade will be determined by the following percents, 60% from P.E. and 40% from Health Education.  Students are graded on dressing out, participation, skills and knowledge tests, attitude & effort, classroom participation, class work, projects and quizzes.    Students who do not dress out that day, will be given an alternative assignment (ie:  written assignment (inside)/walking laps (outside)) during class.   Students who do not dress for PE, but who complete alternate assignment will be given a 60 for the day.  Students who do not dress out and DO NOT complete assignment will be given a zero for the day’s activity.  Progress reports will be given to the student two times during EACH 9-week marking period. Students who reach 6 days of non-participation or 60’s will be in jeopardy of failing the class due to lack of participation.  

We want physical education to be a positive experience for your child.  Lack of participation, bullying, misbehavior, unsportsmanship conduct, and other infractions will not be tolerated.  If you have any questions concerning the above policies for physical education, please call the school at 705-6010 and speak with your child’s H&PE Teacher.  Thank you for your support and cooperation.


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