Physical Eudcation Guidelines (2016-2017)


Physical Education Guidelines (updated 2016-2017)
The following information is an overview of the general guidelines used for Physical Education at Brogden Middle School. Guidelines will be posted in the gymnasium throughout the school year.
A.  Dress Requirements
1.  Students are to have a change of clothes that meets minimum standards for comfort health and safety
2.  Proper attire includes:
         a.  Appropriate athletic shoes/socks  
         b.  Zipper or Pull  on shorts (NO long jeans)
         c.  T-Shirt or Pullover top
         d.  Sweatshirt/sweatpants for cool weather 
3.  All PE attire must meet the dress code requirements for WCPS.
4.  For safety reasons, no loose jewelry may be worn during physical education activities.  No earrings BIGGER than a quarter may be worn,
B.  Excuse notes
1.  A medical note is the only accepted excuse from PE class participation.
         a.  A medical note from a parent or guardian will be accepted for up to (2) excused classes in a marking period
         b.  A medical note from a doctor is required if the student is to be excused from class participation for more than 3 classes in a row
         c.  If a doctor's note excuses a student from class, the student will need a doctor's note to resume activity.  A doctor may elect to write the               beginning and ending dates student is to be excused on one excuse note.
          d.  Students excused from participation will not be required to complete an alternative assignment 
C.  Injury/Illness
         1.  Students must report any injury or illness that occurs during Physical Education class to the PE teacher immediately.
D.  Class Attendance
         1.  Students are to be on time and properly dressed in preparation for participation in class.
         2..Continuous tardy's (4 to class or out of locker room)  will result in completing an alternative assignment that day. 
E.  Activities
         1.  Activities include a wide variety of individual, dual, team and lifetime activities that emphasize fitness and healthy living.
         2.  Physical Fitness Testing, Skills Challenges and Fitness Challenges,  will take place throughout the school year 
F.  Lockers
         1. Lockers will be available for use during physical education classes.  Clothes, books, and other personal items are to be left in the locker room in a locked locker. 
         2.  It is STRONGLY recommended that ONLY combination locks be used to lock items up. student must buy their own lock.  BMS or PE Teacher,  is NOT responsible for stolen items.
         3.  Valuables including, cell phones, electronics , money, etc. SHOULD NOT be brought to Physical Education class.  
G.  WISH Center
         1.  The WISH Center is available during class...a Pass is required
H.  Grading
         1.  A variety of assessments will be utilized to evaluate students in Physical Education Class.
         2.  Grades may be based on:
               a.  participation
               b.  effort
               c.  cooperation
               d.  teamwork
               e.  sportsmanship
               f.  skill evaluation
               g.  knowledge of the activity
         3.  Physical Education and Health grades will be averaged together in order to determine the Health and Physical Education grade for each 9 week marking period.
I.  Progress Reports
         1.  (Two) Progress Reports will be handed out three (3) weeks into the marking period, with another one (1) distributed  six (6) weeks into the marking period. Each marking period.






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