Library Policies and Procedures


Internet/Computer Use


Studentuse of the Internet, per Wayne County Policy, must be for educationalpurposes and does not include access to e-mail, chat, or instantmessaging.  All students using the Media Center computers for Internet or other purposes must have permission from Mrs. Sasser and/or Mrs. Weaver and their teacher. 


WCPS Student Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy 3225


Library Classes

The library schedule is located at the library’s check-out desk. If a teacher has reserved the Media Center, his or her students will get computer priority over those students that drop in and therefore may be sent back to class. 
Mrs. Sasser collaborates with language arts teachers to schedule library lessons throughout the school year. Non-Language Art Teachers that require using library resources will contact Mrs. Sasser to find an appropriate time schedule.

Library Hours/Check-outs


Check-outs will be available at 7:00 a.m. and remain open throughout the day until 2:45 p.m. No students will be allowed in the library after closing. Small groups of students may check-out books during the school day provided they are not disruptive in the library and have a pass from their teacher. Mrs. Sasser and Mrs. Weaver reserve the right to send disruptive students back to their classes without having checked out.  A call will be made to the teacher with an explanation.
During a class check-out session, no more than half of the class may be actively looking for books.  Teachers should bring something for waiting students to work on.  Student checking out must use shelf markers and must act in an appropriate manner while selecting/checking out with a minimal amount of noise. Teachers are to monitor their class’s behavior while Mrs. Weaver assists students in locating/checking out books. Students are allowed to check out 2 books at a time and books can be checked out for a 2 week period. A student with an overdue book may not check-out another book until the overdue book has been returned or paid for. Again, Mrs. Sasser and Mrs. Weaver reserve the right to ask students who are showing inappropriate behavior to leave the library.


Library Use for Special Events

Students,faculty and staff needing to reserve the library for a special event need to contact Mrs. Sasser to avoid schedule problems and to ensure equipment availability.

Technology Help

Mrs. Sasser (IT Direct Facilitator) is the person to see when your computer,printer, or other electronic equipment is not functioning correctly. When time permits, Ms. Mathis will try to resolve the problem.  If the problem is beyond their capabilities, a work order will be placed using the IT Direct Service.   Ms. Mathis will make every effort to help you but, remember their main responsibility is not computer repair. 
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