Políticas de biblioteca y procedimientos


Ads will begin at 7:30 am to be followed by a channel. Undia ads must be delivered before the announcement. Any guest appearances should seraprobados by Mr. Townsend.
Using computer / Internet use by students of the Internet, Wayne County policy, debeser for educational purposes and does not include access to email, chat or instant messaging. All students using losequipos Media Center for Internet or other purposes should tenerpermiso Sasser Ms. or Mrs. Weaver and his teacher. WCPS Student Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy 3225

Library assistants

each semester, teachers of language arts estudiantede each class will participate in the program bibliotecade student assistant. These students suggest titles for the battle of loslibros; Helping customers in the use of reference sources; Perform tasks of media; Exhibition profesionalidady good etiquette at all times; You explain labiblioteca policies as needed and help college-bound, Accelerated Reader and NC wise owl. Classes library hours library is located in the check-outde the library. If a teacher has reserved the MediaCenter, susestudiantes team have priority over those quecaída students and therefore, may be sent to class. Ms. Sassercolabora with language arts teachers to schedule laslecciones library during the school year. Arteno-language teachers require the use of library resources pondremosen contact Ms. Sasser to find an appropriate schedule. Library hours / O outputs will be available at 7:45 and stay open throughout Eldia until 14:45 No despuésdel student in library will close. Small groups of students can check out librosdurante school ever day as they are not disruptive in labiblioteca and have a pass from their teacher. Sasser Ms. and Mrs. Weaver reservan the right to send disruptive students back to susclases without removing. A call is made ​​to the teacher with unaexplicación. During a class extraction, no morethan half the class can be actively looking for books. Losmaestros should bring something for students expected to work en.Estudiante remove shelf markers should be used and must act as proper demanera select / removed with a minimum of noise. Losmaestros are monitoring the behavior of their class while Mrs. Weaver helps students locate / extraction books. Losestudiantes allowed out 2 books at a time and can serextraídos books for a period of 2 weeks. A student with a librovencido can not check out another book until the book up hadevuelto or paid. Again, Sasser Ms. and Mrs. Weaaver reserved elderecho ask students to show comportamientoinadecuado leaving the library. Use of the library for special events Students, faculty and staff who need the library for special reserve shall unevento contact the Ms. Sasser Toprevent scheduling problems and to ensure the availability of equipment. Tech support Ms. Sasser (direct facilitator IT) is the person you see alordenador, printer or other electronic equipment not funcionacorrectamente. When time allows,  Sra.Mathis and attempt to resolve the problem. If the problem is beyond DeSUS capabilities, a work order is placed by serviciodirecto IT. Mrs. Mathis will do everything paraayudarle, but remember that your primary responsibility not esreparación computer.

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